4 Tips To A Better Bum

Just like an athlete must train to be the best at their game, the same rules apply if you’re trying to shape a peachy set of cheeks – it takes consistent effort and dedication to get (and maintain) the result that you want.


With that in mind, let’s check out 4 important factors you must consider to when you’re trying to build that booty:



1. MOBILISE your hips.
Mobility restrictions will affect your ability to perform many butt-building exercises properly. Excessive tightness in the hips won’t only reduce your range of motion, but also your ability to fire the glutes properly (or at all) through those bigger compound movements.


TIP: Roll and release on a daily basis, especially if you sit at a desk! Yoga is a great option too.


2. Glutes respond well to WEIGHT.
Before you go loading up the bar, remember this: a good rep is not simply defined by how much weight you can move. It’s also important to make sure the correct muscles are firing and your form is solid, right through the full range of motion.


TIP: Take the time to learn the proper technique on all of your lifts – including body weight movements – and watch your results improve 10 fold. If you’re not sure how to do this on your own, invest in a trainer for a few sessions.


3. Glutes respond well to a VARIETY of exercises and intensities.
The glutes are made up of both fast and slow twitch fibres. For maximal development and performance, consider your time under tension (fast and slow reps), and vary the number of reps performed across your sets.


TIP: Mix up the reps and time under tension across your workouts. Again, if you’re not sure how to do this, work with a trainer to create a program just for you.


4. Your GENETICS have a huge influence on the appearance of your glutes.
Whilst we can always improve upon our physical body to some extent via training, good nutrition and lifestyle habits; you can’t control your genes – not yet anyway! There is more to you than the way you look. To be happy, strong and healthy is the ultimate outcome.


Your training needs to be fun, or you won’t stick to it. It also needs to deliver results, or you definitely won’t stick to it. By blending some fun supplement movements in with the sometimes boring staples, you get the best of both worlds!


Happy lifting, faves.





(Pic by Tina Louise)

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