Build Your Booty

Everyone wants a great bum like this one by the beautiful Karina Irby – no butts about it!


That said; great cheeks don’t come without effort. You know what they say – you won’t get the ass you want by sitting on the one you have! There’s an upside though: build strong glutes and your entire body will transform with you – both functionally and aesthetically.


With that in mind, let’s check out 3 important factors you must consider to build that perfect posterior:


  1. Train through a full range of motion

Far too often I see people load up the bar with a huge amount of weight, yet their form is terrible and their range is barely even half of what it should be. Partial range training has it’s place, but for maximal glute development you should perform exercises throughout a full range of motion.


TIP: Always (ALWAYS) prioritise form before weight, and don’t be afraid to regress where necessary to perfect your lifting moving forward. If you’re not sure how to do this on your own, invest in a trainer for a few sessions. You can’t put a price on results!



  1. Mobilise your hips

Mobility restrictions will affect your ability to perform many butt-building exercises properly. Excessive tightness in the hips won’t only reduce your range of motion, but also your ability to fire the glutes properly (or at all) through those bigger compound movements.


TIP: Roll and release on a daily basis, especially if you sit at a desk. Yoga is a fab option too!



3 . Avoid steady-state cardio

The shape of the glutes is influenced by its muscular development, which is (sadly) compromised by aerobic training (a.k.a “cardio”). Steady-state cardio too has it’s place, but when it comes to fat loss and muscle definition; short, intense intervals is where it’s at!


TIP: If you’re in Melbourne, come and join us on Wednesday nights at The Tan and get your sweat on with the HIIT babes! 

No can do? No problem. Take yourself down to your nearest oval and complete a 100m sprint on the minute, every minute, for 10 minutes (total = 10 sprints). Try this workout twice per week for 4 weeks and see how you feel. Don’t forget a thorough warm up, and maybe a even a sprinting partner to bring out your competitive spirit!


Happy #tightasstuesday, cheeky monkeys xx



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