Keep It Simple

Low carb? High carb? Juice cleanse? No cleanse? Good fats? No fats? The list goes on.


When it comes to nutrition, it’s incredibly easy to over-complicate things – thanks Dr google!
Our rational brain knows that long-lasting physical changes take time and patience, but for many people, emotions take over and I still see far too many people getting sucked in to quick fixes or playing with advanced strategies that really shouldn’t be touched without proper guidance.


The truth, however, is and always has been the same: It DOES NOT serve you to try rushing your results when it comes to transforming your body.


Let’s discuss some key considerations around lifestyle and performance nutrition for better long term results:




If you haven’t mastered the basics, you really have no business dipping your toes in advanced nutrition strategies. 9 times out of 10 when clients come to me seeking advice because “things just aren’t shifting”, they’re not actually ticking off the fundamentals when we sit down and have an honest conversation about it. Before anything else, get this list right for a whole month and see how good you feel:


  • Drink more (filtered) water. Minimum 2.5 litres everyday.
  • Control your portions.
  • Prioritise sleep.
  • Eat nutrient-dense natural food, including quality fats – no more processed junk!
  • Seek the majority of your carbohydrate intake from vegetables and fruit.
  • Include at least 4-6 serves (4-6 cups) of vegetables on your plate, every single day – especially greens!
  • Have 5 or more alcohol free days each week.
  • Supplement the essentials – no more, no less. To do this most effectively, consider looking into blood analysis to better understand what your body needs.






An advanced, tailored nutrition plan requires individual assessment and a good hour or two from your coach or practitioner to pull it all together. It’s important that you understand this when you’re asking for help.


If your coach or nutritionist or any other expert is handing out a generic macro-based plan to you and every other person on their list, it might be time to consider a new expert!
Guides and example menus are great and I have no qualms with these for a larger audience; but, if you’re given a specific number of calories and/or proteins, carbs, and fats to aim for each day, this should be tailored specifically to you – the individual – based your physical attributes, your activity levels, and your goals. Anything less is not good practice.


NOTE: I don’t personally count calories, nor do I encourage it for most of my clients. This approach absolutely has it’s place, but again, master the basics before you even consider it.



KEEP IT SIMPLE – deja vu?


There is a simple (and essential) connection between most radiant, fit and strong people all across the world – an understanding of the fundamentals of a high performance lifestyle, including:


  • An appreciation of the significance and positive effect of quality, fresh foods.
  • Understanding and implementing a consistent and balanced exercise routine, including the best of strength, high intensity, and zen practices.
  • A general respect for their health and consciously selecting what they are putting into their body.


Pretty basic, right?


If you’re having trouble seeing the big picture or if you’re feeling impatient, please use this week to work on positive mindset strategies and give yourself a gentle reminder that good things take time. Remember; each good day is one step closer to your goal, and you WILL get there…


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