MAGNESIUM: the miracle mineral

When it comes to physical results, you get out what you put in – that’s the simple truth! But “putting in” isn’t just about how much you train; it’s about the every day habits that make up your lifestyle, including how well you support your body through recovery.


If you haven’t heard about the benefits of Magnesium for muscle recovery and performance, you’ve probably been living under a rock – no offence. What you might not know, however, is that Magnesium plays a vital role in (literally) hundreds of enzymatic processes within the body, making it a staple in my client programs as well as my own.


This #tightasstuesday let’s check out 3 super important ways that this miracle mineral can help set you up for better results from the inside out:





A toxic body is hormonal chaos, and hormonal chaos more-often-than-not leads to all kinds of health issues, including increased body fat. Where does Magnesium fit in? Magnesium is crucial for the removal of toxic substances, heavy metals, and excess minerals like calcium from the body. Detoxification is often associated with crazy starvation diets or day after day of juice cleansing, but in fact it’s a necessary activity that takes place inside your precious body every single day. The liver has several detoxification pathways and they depend on magnesium for their proper function.





It’s common sense: we need energy to perform, and that includes how we perform in the gym! Fatigue is a very common complaint in our crazy lives, but there are plenty of clients I see that feel like they’re getting enough rest yet they still can’t shake that lethargic feeling. Why is that? Well, unexplained tiredness could in fact be an early symptom of magnesium deficiency…


Where magnesium supplies are insufficient, dozens of enzyme systems are under functioning. The most important one is the ATP system. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate – the basic energy molecule in our body. Magnesium attaches to ATP, stabilising it, and making it available for use. If you don’t have enough magnesium, ATP is not properly produced and utilised.



We’ve spoken about sleep a lot in the past, especially the impact it has on our physical health and fat loss results. There are tonnes of causes of insomnia, and several of these can be triggered by low magnesium levels:
+ Low magnesium creates muscle tension and cramping. Crawling under the covers with tight muscles is definitely more conducive to a restless night than a deep sleep!
+ Stress and anxiousness can cause the adrenal glands to misfire and become a little trigger-happy. You likely fall into this category if you jump at loud noises and your heart starts racing – ME! If that sounds like you too, then even something like an exciting and vivid dream can speed up your heart rate and wake you up.
+ To top it all off, without adequate magnesium your sleep-regulating melatonin production suffers, which makes getting to sleep (and staying asleep) a troublesome process.


It’s important to understand that not all Magnesium supplements are created equal. My current favourite is this one not only for it’s bioavailability, but also for the included glutamine and B Vitamins which support the function of Magnesium in the body.


Happy Tuesday, cheeky monkeys.


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