SLEEP Yourself SEXY: Pt 2

Making the decision to change can be an emotional rollercoaster: it’s exciting; it’s scary; it’s overwhelming! When it comes to physical transformations, the result of all the hype is often an endless list of rules inflicted upon yourself which (more often than not) leads to a few painfully strict and compliant weeks, followed by a massive meltdown. GOODBYE bandwagon!


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


So, this #tightasstuesday let’s bring it back to basics and focus on ONE thing that we can all practice this week and (of course) how to make it happen:





There’s not many people I know that don’t love bed, so this one should be easy!

It’s no secret that sleep is a star player when it comes to optimising both mental and physical health. In the past we’ve touched on sleeping yourself sexy, now let’s talk about resistance training for improving the quality of your time under the covers.


We know about lifting weights for better body composition. We know that strength training improves hormonal balance and overall health. But did you know that resistance training has been shown to improve sleep quality by up to 30% in people with sleep disorders, including anxiety related sleep loss? Truth! But you don’t have to suffer from any of the above to benefit from your strength sessions: lifting weights supports circadian rhythms by improving hormonal balance, helping you to fall asleep more easily and reducing the amount of times you wake up throughout the night. Win win, right?!



If a leaner body and sexy curves weren’t enough to get you in the gym, maybe the promise of a better sleep will! To the ladies out there: weights won’t make you chunky, but lack of sleep wrecking havoc on your hormones and appetite most likely will. You’re out of excuses!


Happy lifting, sweet things xx


Bum and bed by giggling beauty, Alexis Ren




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