The Hangover Series: Part 2

December: it’s one of the more hectic months of the year, and usually the one where most people fall off the bandwagon as they drink their way through multiple Christmas parties and into the New Year.


I know what you may be thinking: why is a Transformation Coach suddenly talking about alcohol and how to cure a hangover?! Seems a little counter-productive, right? But here’s the thing: I could talk all about the negative effects of alcohol on both your health and your body composition, but you already know that. I could tell you never to go near it, but for a lot of people that’s simply not going to happen. For most of you – myself included – there are going to be occasions where you get a little carried away and drink more than you probably should. I get it! In these situations, it’s important that you have a few tricks up your sleeve to reduce the damage and bring your body back to good health as quickly as possible…


So here it is: The H•A•N•G•O•V•E•R Redemption Series, Part 2


If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have seen my favourite Green Smoothie creation splashed all over Facebook. If not, fear not! Below is an amended version and (as always) a little chat about WHY this guy will be your best friend the morning after the night before.


This super-smoothie is an incredible addition to your plate any day, but if you’ve had a big night on the town there’s more than one (damn good) reason to whip up one of these bad boys in the morning. Let’s check them out:


Coconut water has the five electrolytes that your body needs: potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium (Gatorade has only two, not to mention an abundance of artificial nasties).
Remember our chat about breaking the seal in part 1 of The Hangover Series? This is one way that alcohol depletes our body of precious minerals and causes dehydration. Although there’s really nothing quite like plain old water when it comes to rehydration, the bonus electrolyte hit that coconut water provides makes it the perfect tool for replenishing lost minerals and helping to cure that crazy case of cotton-mouth.


• For centuries, people have used Ginger to combat seasickness and nausea, making it a star player in your morning after mix.


Fructose (found in the fruit) helps to speed up the metabolism of alcohol, allowing your body to rid of the leftovers with a little more urgency so you can feel human again!


Cucumbers not only help to “cool” the inflammatory response in your body, but (according to the principles of Ayurveda) eating cucumbers may also help to release excess heat in your stomach, which is said to be a primary cause of bad breath – a well known nasty side effect of too many drinkies! These little gems also contain a hit of Vitamin C and B Vitamins, which (as you’ll see in part 3) are crucial in the metabolism of alcohol.


Lemon supports detoxification by boosting liver function and tissue regeneration. Lemons also pack a huge punch of Vitamin C, which also supports the detoxification process by alleviating liver inflammation. Oh, these are a great alkalising food as well, which is super important following all those toxins you sucked down the night before!


Ok Party People, here it is – my very own Hair of the Dog:


• 1 tsp Matcha Maiden (optional)
• 1-2 frozen mango cheeks
• 1 (small) frozen banana
• Big handful spinach or kale 
• 1 chunk fresh turmeric root
• 1 chunk fresh ginger 
• 1 tbsp parsley, chopped
• 1 tbsp mint, chopped
• 1/2 cucumber, chopped
• 1 celery stalk, chopped
• 1 lemon, peeled & chopped
• 1 cup fresh coconut water
• Ice


NOTE: add more water if you prefer a thinner texture


Blend until smooth & get this in your belly ASAP! You’re welcome xx


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