The Truth About Nuts



They’re a staple for plant and paleo based eaters, and a super handy snack for those with even the most hectic of schedules! Like with all things nutrition though, there’s a tonne of conflicting information out there about these little guys; so today, let’s break down some of the most common questions I hear and bring it it back to basics, shall we?


Will nuts make me fat?


Short answer: no. Remember though; nuts are very calorie dense, so – like with all things food – moderation is important.
These guys are full of good fats which helps to keep your appetite at bay, and they definitely make for a super simple snack – especially when time is of the essence!


Are all nuts equal?


Nope! Let’s dig a little deeper:


➕ Roasted nuts are generally the poorer option (especially if pre-purchased). Unless otherwise specified, these guys are often heated to temperatures far too high, denaturing all those good fats in the process. If you are roasting nuts yourself, stick to a maximum temperature of 65 degrees (celsius) to maintain nutrient quality. This a much slower process, but the result is much better!

➕ Raw nuts have been untouched and are generally a good choice. Enough said!

➕ Soaked nuts – the best kind! This process – known as “activating” nuts – makes them easier to digest, increasing the absorption of all those quality vitamins and minerals that we want for optimal health and performance. Aim to soak for around 8 hours (overnight is a good option) then dry them out using the roasting method, above – optional.



In summary:


Nuts are a great (and versatile) addition to your menu. Whether you’re adding them to smoothies, bliss balls, salads, or even just enjoying them on their own; these guys are super convenient with allllll the extras! Remember not to destroy all the goodness with too much heat, and of course, practice moderation.


Photo by one of my faves, McKel, of Nutrition Stripped




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