The Worst Year Of My Life…

18 months ago when I first launched The Transformation Project in the social media space, I had such big plans for how I wanted this baby to grow.
I was the fittest I had ever been. I couldn’t get enough of studying all things health and human performance. I had holidays booked. I had goals written down. I was excited. I was inspired. Life was good and I was literally itching to get this project off the ground so I could finally reach a bigger audience and teach you every little valuable thing that I knew could get you from where you are to where you want to be.



Then life happened.


Suddenly; right at the time where I put myself out there in a public space to preach what I love – being healthy, happy, the best performing version of you – my own little world started to challenge me in ways that I didn’t expect. One thing after another for months on end, the universe really tested me both mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease; I was in and out of hospital and unable to train for almost the whole first half of the year; I was incredibly stressed; my relationship broke down; my normally optimistic headspace was terrible; and I certainly wasn’t living my life like I wanted to be. My little world was falling apart – and so was I.


28 years old was the toughest year of my life so far. Big call, right?! But that’s not how this story ends…


Here’s the thing:


When you hit those rock bottom moments, there’s always light – we just have to find the switch. I truly believe that we are challenged for a reason. As a coach; it’s one thing to have knowledge, but the last 18 months have given me experience and perspective that I never would have had without the struggle. No one ever looks back on the hardest parts of their life and wishes they could go through it all over again; but what I learnt about myself and the way that I can now empathise with and relate to my clients is something that I absolutely wouldn’t change. I am a stronger person and a better coach than I ever was before, and that, to me, is pretty special!


So, as I turned 29 yesterday, I gave myself a little present – a FINISHED website so that I can finally continue the dream! I know right?! It’s a been a loonnnng time coming but I am SO EXCITED to get this baby off the ground and to continue building the bigger picture with even better perspective and more knowledge than I ever had before.


ONE SLEEP BEAUTIFULS! Tomorrow, we go live – (along with this post)!


Until then, Happy Saturday – I’m off for a birthday drink…



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