When you think about yin and yang exercise, consider a long-black versus a soothing cup of herbal tea. One is intense and gets the heart racing; the other is gentle, calming and mallows you out. When it comes to your training, both approaches have incredible benefits! On their own, however, each has its limitations:


Without some fire and power in the mix, the super-yin yoga junkie can wind up lacking in muscular and cardiovascular power and endurance. Without some flow, ease and recovery time, the fast-paced gym lover is bound to get injured, burned out, or both!


Our bodies are all different and respond to different things, but regardless of your preference (aka your comfort zone), it’s important to understand the role of variety for improving the way your body performs not only with movement, but also on a hormonal level and right through to the way you look, feel and move – every single day.


Keeping the above in mind, let’s have a little look at a split I would recommend for the fiery, super-yang chick looking to transform her body:


➕ 2-4 x strength sessions

Strength training comes in many forms. Speak to your coach to discover what will work for you.


➕ 1-2 x HIIT sessions

Sprints – when performed properly with 100% intensity – are hard to beat here, but HIIT circuits, spin, and boxing are great options too. I often suggest 1 x sprint + 1 x other.


➕ 1-3 x yoga

You should be using release & stretch techniques to improve mobility every single day, but you and I both know that you’re inconsistent with this, so I strongly recommend 2 x 60-90min yoga sessions each week to lengthen those tight muscles and keep you in check. Yoga is also a great way to build on and challenge your strength in a whole different way.


How might the above look in a weekly routine? There’s loads of different combinations you could play with, but here’s one example:


MONDAY: Strength

TUESDAY: Sweat. Boxing or spin would be great here!



FRIDAY: Strength. Consider an upper body sesh to keep your legs relatively fresh for tomorrow.


SUNDAY: Walk and/or yoga


It might seem a like a lot – and it is – but I can guarantee you that the chick with the bum you want didn’t get it by sitting on the one she has! (Sorry babes, but it’s true)


Know this:


  1. Anything less than 4 workouts a week is mostly just maintenance. That’s not to say that you’re wasting your time by doing less, but it will be a much slower process. In fact, research shows that results improve up to 50% in those increasing from 3 days to 4 days per week. Pretty significant, right?!
  2. Most people quit at about 40% of what their body is actually capable of. When you get comfortable feeling uncomfortable, that’s where the magic happens!


NOTE: the above is just one example. If you’re more of a gentle, yin-style mover, the recommended workout split would obviously look quite different. Again, our bodies are all made up a little differently and respond to different things, but regardless of your preference – your comfort zone – it’s important to understand the role of variety.


For more help designing your ideal program or finding out what movement would best suit your needs, invest in a qualified coach and commit to making positive changes for your mind and body.


Remember: when healthy is a lifestyle, you look good and feel great… always.


Much love, beautifuls.


Pic by fit babe Nathalya Cabral

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